Fresh BlackBerry Storm Video Shows Off Interface Details, General Swellness

In the latest addition to the stream of leaked BlackBerry Storm videos little is left to mystery. We've seen much of the interface and we know most of the specs, but this commercial demonstrates just about every major feature of the phone in rapid succession. Confirming what we already know, the Storm looks like it'll match its major competitors feature for feature. Also confirming what we already know, the interface elements look somewhat uneven—albeit functional—through the wide variety of programs on display here. That said, if the touch screen is responsive (and, counter to some reports, the keyboard is usable) then my stance is simple: "WANT." [CrackBerry -Thanks, Zach]



I'm so glad you said "major competitors" and not just "Iphone" like most articles on Giz.

The storm looks sweet and despite what fanboys think it is more feature rich than the Iphone. It also seems to be more robust than most touch screen phones out there. However, I believe that RIM will still sell more qwerty kb BBs than this model.

If I had to personally choose between any of the touch phones it would probably be this one or the G1 (after they fix a few things though)