Friendtech iDea Travel Kit Hands-On

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For the most part, if you've seen one FM Transmitter, you've seen them all. That would be true for the iDea Travel Kit if it weren't for the extra connectors they include with the package.


The box comes with an FM transmitter with 3.5mm jack for plugging into your iPod/PSP, a cigarette adapter with USB port, and three retractable cables to power the iPod, the PSP or the FM transmitter. The transmitter also takes AAA batteries, so you can use your power adapter to power your iPod instead of the FM if your iPod's low on juice.

Here in San Jose, I had to fiddle around with the frequencies to find one that had the least amount of interference. If you're in a rural area this should be no problem, but in a denser city like NY or SF, it'll be harder to find an open frequency.


When you compare this Travel Kit to any other FM transmitter, there's not much difference. The real value comes from the included cables that lets you charge/power any of the three devices. There's also a leather pouch included, which is nice, but some people may get limited use out of it. If your car doesn't have a tape deck and you need an FM transmitter for you iPod/PSP, this should do nicely.

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