From Bad Samaritan to Good: Londonite Bends Over Backwards to Return Camera

After posting the story of the bad Samaritan in Hawaii who kept a digital camera found in a park, returning burned CDs of the pictures within instead of the camera itself to its rightful owner, we received 29 comments, almost unanimously condemning such acts of thievery. Some people.


Now it's time to restore your faith in humanity, as we turn from the bad Samaritan to the good: A Londonite found a digital camera and went to the trouble of creating a website to find its rightful owner. From the site:

To anyone viewing this page, please forward the url to everyone you know, and let s see if we can return it to its owner.

Yes, there are some good people left in this world. Here's hoping the prodigal camera finds its way home.

Good Sams try to find the owners of a lost camera [boingboing]