Amazon Prime Will Cost $20 More a Year, Starting April 17th

The fateful day has come: Amazon is upping the price of its Prime membership. From April 17th, a year of Prime will cost $99 a year, up $20 from the current $79.

Amazon has also changed the price its student members will pay, now asking for $49 a year. Its Prime Fresh membership will cost the same $299 it does now.


Paying more is never a good thing, but Prime has also evolved far past the free-shipping bonus that it once was. Prime members now have access to a streaming video platform that (almost) rivals Netflix, a free Kindle book to rent every month, and rumored music streaming service coming right around the corner. Whether all that's worth an extra couple bucks a month to you is between you, your checking account, and whether you got into Alpha House last year. [Amazon]

Image by MikeBlogs under Creative Commons license.

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