Frosty the Fire-Breathing Snowman Caught on Video

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In case you haven't heard, there's a bit of a Snowpocalypse happening. Delayed flights aside, it's really not so bad though. After all, it finally lured the abominable fire-breathing snowman out of his cave and right into this video.

Built by some folks in Bel Air, Frosty—or at least I like to think that's his name—is one huge snowman with flamethrower lungs:

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And here I was proud of building a six-foot tall snow beast when I was ten. [Baltimore Sun]

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I am pretty much tired of snow but the fire is interesting. They should have made a snow dragon and given him fire breathing powers. (Around here, anatomically correct snow men are all the rage, and I notice each new snowman on the block is slightly more endowed than the neighbors previous men were. Some people are way too competitive.) One good fire breathing snow woman will end all that!