Froyo Available on Sprint "In Near Future," Motorola Droid X in August

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Google may've let Froyo out of the bag, but until the networks and manufacturers release it that won't mean anything to those ready to kick Android 2.1 to the curb. Sprint and Motorola's (rough/unconfirmed) plans are detailed below. UPDATE

Sprint's announcement about the roll-out of Android 2.2 is vague, saying only that it'll be seen on their Android phones soon, with the HTC EVO 4G confirmed for the spiffy update—no rooting necessary. The following (unsurprising) confirmation from Sprint -


"As work on finalizing the software is underway, Sprint expects to launch Android 2.2 in the near future. It will also be available as an upgrade on the recently launched HTC EVO 4G. With the Android 2.2 upgrade, customers can expect improvements to include the following benefits among others: updates to user interface, improved EAS Support, improved Browser Performance including Flash 10x Support, voice dialing over bluetooth and application storage on external memory."

While Motorola hasn't officially commented on when their Androids—the DEXT, Droid and Droid X—will receive Froyo, a leaked memo from Motorola suggests that the Droid X will get the update in "late August," whereas the Droid will receive it in late July.


We already know T-Mobile is planning on sending Froyo out to myTouch 3G owners, and I'm awaiting a confirmation from HTC today, but if any other networks or manufacturers would like to get in touch with their plans for Android 2.2, please do drop me a line. [Droid Forums via CNET]


UPDATE: Bad news for many Sprint users. The HTC Hero and Samsung Moment WON'T be getting Froyo according to Sprint's twitter account. Yet another reason why skinned versions of Android must die.

UPDATE 2: HTC has been in touch, with the following statement:


"We are working hard with our partners to update the HTC Sense experience on Froyo and distribute it to our customers as fast as possible. We expect to release updates for several of our 2010 models including Desire, Legend and Wildfire beginning in Q3."

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As far as the Hero and Moment getting Android 2.2 and that skinned versions need to die... The Moment is stock Android, so your theory is probably wrong.

I am sure that the Hero and Moment aren't getting 2.2 because they're EOL. That sucks, as I think that a phone should always get the latest updates until it's 2 years old, allowing people to enjoy their phones they're stuck with until their contract is up.

I'm sure that it'll be modded onto Hero and maybe Moment anyway. Let's hope so!