Frozen Inspires Bizarre Bra Technology In Japan

Always at the forefront of the needlessly strange brassiere industry, Japan has revealed its newest breast-supporting wonder — a bra that can change its color and pattern! The weird part? Well, it's inspired by Disney's hit movie Frozen... so it only changes design when it touches your sister's bra.


Okay, admittedly, the bras change patterns when they come in contact with any bra with the same ability, thanks to the electronic paper it's made of. It doesn't have to be worn by your sister; it could be another female relative or a friend, or even a stranger. However it does mean you both have to be hanging around without shirts on, bumping your breasts into each other, in order to notice the wonders occurring on chest level. I can think of only a very few situations where two women would be hanging out without their shirts on, breast to breast, and in most of them the pattern-changing bras wouldn't be the most interesting thing going on.

And let me assure you that the bra-makers, good ol' Japanese lingerie manufacturer Triumph, absolutely has sisters in mind for these things. The bra is called the Close Sister Bra, for god's sake. Oh, and there are these:

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You see thought pink, heart-shaped pads on the right? They're supposed to be inserted into the bras, to help augment them if the wearer feels it necessary. You'll note the two different sizes of the pads, as well as the Japanese kanji on them. The big one reads "Big Sister," and the little one reads "Little Sister."

And let's not forget this is all inspired by a Disney movie about two sisters whose love for each other saves both themselves and their kingdom, and yet who do not, to my recollection, hang out together in their underwear. The Close Sisters Bra is not an official Frozen product, but if the snowflakes on the the first of the bra's designs and the bra's name isn't proof enough for you, check them out as part of their full outfits:

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Yep. According to RocketNews 24...

Triumph is honoring the bonds women form between one another with the Close Sisters Bras. "The depictions, in movies and the like, of sisters helping each other and becoming more confident, have moved all of Japan," the company said in a statement.


To be fair, if you're shirtlessly chest-bumping your sister, I think the likelihood of you having a problem with confidence is slim.

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Good on them designing clothes for queer women! I guess they are Elsa X Anna shippers.