Fuji's M-Mount Adapter Brings Leica Glass to Your New X-Pro1

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Fuji's beautiful new mirrorless camera, the X-Pro1, suffers from a lack of available lenses. But come June, you'll be able to easily mount a host of equally desired Leica M-Mount lenses to it for your photo-snapping pleasure.

Fuji's Leica-liking M-Mount adapter will run you $200, but for that you'll get no small measure of confidence shooting with a device that looks to be well-designed and engineered. A coming firmware update will increase your control of the Leica lenses directly from the camera.


It's good to see Fuji paying attention to the needs of photography enthusiasts everywhere. A great camera with a lack of lenses is a travesty, and now the X-Pro1's features can shine with some of the best glass out there. [FujiFilm via Engadget]