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Full Moon Sideboard, Your Gear's Own Glowing Lunar Base

Illustration for article titled Full Moon Sideboard, Your Gears Own Glowing Lunar Base

I'm about to move home, and this sideboard by designer Sotirios Papadopoulos is going right on my dream-about-it furniture list. "A sideboard?" you say. Well, it's simple and beautiful, in a very sciencey kind of way. The detailed luna surface is painted with a glowing paint Sotirios invented, called EcoLightInside since it's apparently eco-friendly. Why's it a dream-only item? It's a limited edition of just 24, and while the price is unknown I suspect it'll be astronomical. Shame: I'd already pictured myself dotting it with markers detailing the Apollo missions. [InventorSpot]


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@Curves: I can think of very few pieces of furniture that cannot be classed up a bit with a nice ol' slab of meatloaf resting merrily atop it.

This is a stunning piece though, and the luminescent paint is what helps make it so. I would certainly purchase it if was available to us of the lower class.