German designer Stefan Ulrich says his Funktionide—a white blob that changes shape thanks to artificial muscle technology—can "relieve loneliness." OK, Stefan, let's say I can get pass the creepiness of that video. Now, where are the breasts?

I mean, come on, all those bumps and shape-shifting magic thanks to the use of electroactive polymers—plastics that can change form when electrically stimulated—and no boobs to grab onto? Bad!

Based on EAP-technology "Funktionide" is a concept for an emotional robot that substitutes human contact. In a future where technology will play a huge part in our lifes it is very likely that some day it will shift from satisfiying our basic funtional needs to include our emotional needs as well.

How will this future be? How do we want it to be? Will it affect our human interactions if we start to fall in love with machines? Will the machines fall in love with us?


I sure hope not. I once had an affair with my beard trimmer, and it didn't end well. At all. [Dezeen]