Funny ad shows how dumb futuristic smart homes can be

A smart home is supposed to make your life easier. Doors open when you’re near, lights turn on when you walk by, TVs rise up on command and everything can be powered by a phone. This goofy ad by Dutch insurance company Central Beheer pokes fun of the convenience of smart homes by showing how it makes things stupid easy for robbers too.

Obviously it’s never that easy but smart homes might be a little too welcoming.


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I hope my life never gets so complicated that I need to wire my home up to the Internet of Things.

I don’t need my refrigerator to tell me if I’m low on milk or that my romaine lettuce is about to turn. I don’t need my cupboard to tell me I’m low on spaghetti noodles. I can just open the damn things and figure out my own shopping list. My thermostat is already smart enough to have seasonal and diurnal settings and it’s not networked to anything.

I don’t need a package of batteries using my Wi-Fi connection to contact the store’s customer database so they can send me a lot of junk mail and spam.

These are not sufficiently enticing enough to get me to buy into this nonsense.

Now, if you promised me a robot house cleaner to keep my home clean and tidy for me, then and only then, would I consider buying the networked contraption.