Fusion-io ioDrive Is The Fastest Storage Device in the World

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The ioDrive is a PCI Express storage card that can write at up to 368 MB/s and read at 473 MB/s to its NAND flash memory-or, for the layman: really, really damn fast.

To put it into perspective, that's nearly 2x the read speed of Intel's already fast SSDs, and roughly 5x the write speed. The ioDrive uses the same NAND flash memory of an SSD, but since it plugs in to a PCI Express bus rather than SATA and only works with 64-bit systems, it can achieve speeds nothing else can touch. And yes, here we are talking megaBYTEs, not megaBITs-a lower metric often used for data transmission speeds.


For now it's for enterprise stuff exlusively-an 80GB version will set you back $3,000, on up to $14,400 for 320GB. If you are interested in this kind of thing, the boys at Tweaktown have written a ten pager on it. [Tweaktown via BBG]