Future E-Ink Ads Powered By Solar, Still Annoying

Neoluxiim's diminutive e-ink displays are powered by solar, which is great. Now, when I blow by them at the mall in the near future like I do today's traditional point-of-sale ads, my subconscious will cheerfully say "thanks for being green!"

Regardless of my lame attempt at snark however, it's nice to know those energy-wasting flatscreen kiosks currently pumping out campy advertising at my local mega mall are dead gadgets walking (these screens work inside and out).


While the ads will remain, obviously, we can take solace in the fact that Mother Earth is going to be violated and pillaged by one less thing. [E-Ink Info]



Either Gunpei Yokoi has possesed several Neoluxim employees, or the ad designers were gadget children of the 80's..