The relationship between scent and our memory centers is well-documented, but I'm guessing sound must be located nearby, too. Certain songs and albums have a powerful tendency to cement themselves to the moment in time when you first discovered them.

Four years before the success of Future Islands's most recent album, they released a 12" including the amazing In the Fall, a song that was reportedly recorded during a Baltimore blizzard. Despite its deep winter genesis, I discovered it during the late summer—one of those hazy Augusts that feels like it passes in a yellowish slow motion until suddenly, someone bangs on the side of the TV and it snaps back into the crisp, full-color reality of fall.


I've listened to this song countless times since, in all sorts of weather, but it still sounds like August to my brain. Check it out above—and feel free to enlighten me about the neurological link between sound and memory in the comments. [Spotify]

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