US sodiers are not the only ones getting advanced uniforms. In fact, Koreans may be taking the lead with a new stormtrooper suit that-if it goes beyond the vaporware stage-will include every sci-fi technology you can imagine. From a heads-up-display helmet to personal cooling and heating syss to a matching weapon that includes a laser-guided target assessment system to fire, you guessed it, mini-missiles. And that's just the beginning. South Korea's Agency for Defense Development will start work in this uniform in 2009 under a two-phase program. The first one will include the battle uniform itself, with the bullet-proof helmet-that will include "sub-miniature cameras"-and their next-generation rifle, called the K-11. The K-11 will have a laser-guided target system which will communicate with the helmet, as well as mini-missiles and a high explosive projectile. The battle suit itself will include a personal cooling and heating system, as well as a backpack designed to control and coordinate all the components. It will also include a friend-or-foe ID system and a GPS. In the second phase of development, the soldiers will get upgrades in the suit itself. These will protect them against external threats, including atomic radiation, chemical agents, lasers, and mines. Yes, you can welcome your new Korean overlords, as they only want to make sure you buy their flat TVs. [Korea Times via The Raw Feed]


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