High Performance Fighter Uniform Can Stop Bleeding In 20 Seconds

According to Blackhawk, their new High Performance Fighting Uniform has been designed to make the life of SEALs and other special forces units more comfortable and better, thanks to more efficient fire-resistant fabrics and all kinds of pockets and pouches distributed all across its surface. But the best thing about the HPFU is that it can also save their lives thanks to its Integrated Tourniquet System, a low-tech but very clever system designed to stop extremities from bleeding in just a few seconds. The Integrated Tourniquet System is basically a set of four Nylon straps that are built inside the uniform in legs and arms, protected by a soft pouch and a flap so they don't interfere with the soldier's activities. When a soldier gets injured, he can just lift a flap, flip over a carbon fiber bar mechanism attached to the strap, pull it tight, twist the bar a few times until the blood flow stops, and then secure. In case the soldier is unconscious, anyone could do the same operation quickly. This only takes a few seconds, but could mean the difference between life and death. [Defense Tech]


I'd guess about the same amount of time went into this concept as went into the editing of this video. Hell, if you're going to edit in clips anyway, you might as well, you know, edit the audio when the guy studders. It's not even on-screen, I mean, come on! I could edit better in high school.