Gadgets Available Today

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Today's available gadgets list is all about monitors. Iiyama has a new power-sipping panel out, and Mimo's tiny USB touchscreen display is available for you to (excuse the terrible pun) get your hands on.

• The Mimo 720-S USB mini display is now shipping. The device looks a lot like it's brother, the 710-S and features many of the same specs, including the 7" 800x480 screen and 400:1 contrast ratio. The 720 has one feature the 710 doesn't, though, and it's one that could be extremely useful in a device like this: a touchscreen. I would love to keep my media player open on this and flick through my music collection throughout the day. It would keep my workspace a lot more organized, and I would just feel cooler. Available today for $229. [Press Release]


• Iiyama has a new 19" monitor out, the ProLite E1906S-B. At first glance, it seems like the blandest display you've ever seen on Gizmodo. The panel features a 1280x1024 resolution, 5 ms response time and a 10,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio. What is interesting about the Iiyama's latest is the claimed power consumption. According to the company, the display draws approximately 35.9% less power than the average LCD display. That's a pretty significant decrease, especially if you're going to be running tens or hundreds of monitors in an office environment. If you're more interested in reducing your monthly power bill than having the best display money can buy, the ProLite E1906S-B might be worth a look. Available now for $208. [TechFresh]