Galaxy S IV Video Leaks Show Off Smart Pause, Gesture Recognition, and More

A series of leaked videos purport to show off some of the Samsung Galaxy S IV's new control methods, including a smart pause system and touch-free control. Why wait for tonight when you can check out all the goodies right now?

The smart pause system appears to intelligently notice when someone looks away, and then pause video after a second or two. Elsewhere, hovering a finger over images—not touching the screen, just holding a finger in mid air above it—opens a preview. In a test of the browser, one of the videos also shows that it's possible to navigate between pages and scroll up and down without actually touching the phone—it just requires a mid-air swipe in the right direction.

It's unclear if we're also looking at final hardware or just a prototype with all the glitz and glam features. Let's hope it's the later, and that Samsung finally decides to move away from that platicky shell. It'll be interesting to see if these control methods are mentioned this evening and, if they are, how big a deal Sammy makes of them.


"Floating touch" gesture control.

New web browing, including gestures.

Updated unlock screen.

[Sammy Hub via Verge]

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