'Game of Thrones' Is Now Available Through Hulu Thanks to HBO Add-On

Photo: Helen Sloan/HBO
Photo: Helen Sloan/HBO

You now have one more way to watch Game of Thrones. Just ten days before the premiere of HBO’s most popular show, the network has made a deal with Hulu and will offer its content and services as an add-on.


HBO, along with Cinemax, can now be added to Hulu’s existing subscription. HBO will cost $15 per month (basically the same price you’d pay anywhere else) and Cinemax will cost $10 per month, on top of Hulu’s subscription fees.

Hulu currently has three different packages: ad-supported streaming for $8 per month, ad-free streaming for $12 per month, and live TV streaming for $40 per month.

HBO and Cinemax are just the latest pay-cable networks that Hulu has added in attempts to compete against Netflix and YouTube. Showtime was added as an add-on in June 2015 for and additional $9 per month.

Consumers who add HBO to their existing Hulu subscription will have access to all the programming HBO Now subscribers have, meaning they can watch shows even after they have aired.

The HBO add-on has been in the works since Time Warner, HBO’s owner, bought a 10 percent stake in Hulu last year. Time Warner then agreed to license programming from TNT, TBS, and CNN to Hulu’s new live TV streaming service.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Hulu will add more HBO channels in coming weeks, including HBO 2, HBO Family, and HBO Latino.


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Will they add in commercials for the full Hulu experience?