Gaze Into The Creepy Plastic Eyes Of Hot Toys' Ultron Prime

Age of Ultron's big bad can look awfully creepy when he's working those James Spader-y robo eyeballs of his - and it looks like Hot Toys have captured them pretty perfectly in their latest figure. I'm not sure I want this figure on my desk, his eyes boring into my soul in judgement. Quit being so judgy, Ultron!

Ultron Prime is the biggest figure in Hot Toy's AoU line so far (well, until the Hulk comes along, presumably), coming in at a pretty lofty 41cm tall - but he stands out not just because of his size, but the incredible detailing all over the body too. At times leafing through these pictures I genuinely couldn't tell if I was looking at a figure or a promo from the film. The detailing is just so amazingly well done! He even does that slightly weird lunging pose that we've seen a lot of in the marketing, so they've pretty much got him down to a tee.


The eyes, still creepy. The robo-thighs, creepier still.

Ultron comes not only with a light up body and head (SO THOSE CREEPY EYES WILL GLOW AT NIGHT OH GOD WHY WOULD YOU WANT THAT), he comes with an alternate grimacing head full of seemingly unnecessary robot teeth, as well as a few alternate hands to pose him with. It's kind of a shame he doesn't come with many other accessories, but I doubt he really needs them. I mean, it's Ultron! He has no need for such trivialities, he just wants to stare you down like the creepy robot he is.

Ultron Prime will be available early next year - and will presumably be up for preorder on Sideshow Collectibles soon (I'll update the post when he's available). For now, check out the link below for more pictures!

[Hot Toys]

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