Gear4 CruiseControl Universal iPod Remote Control

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Maker of fine iPod accessories, Gear4 is jumping back into the fray with yet another entry into the completely unsaturated market of iPod accessories, the CruiseControl universal iPod remote control. The CruiseControl (gotta love marketers) works via RF and has a 164-foot range. Since it works via RF, the CruiseControl can work through walls, for those all too common instances when your iPod is in the living room and you're in the bedroom.


Since the CruiseControl works off the iPod's dock connector, there's no need for batteries and it works with all iPods with a dock connector, which is good news for those of you still clinging onto that 3G iPod.

The CruiseControl has all the normal functions you'd expect from a remote control like forward, rewind and pause, but also volume control and the ever-popular shuffle. This universal iPod remote control is available right now for around $47.


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