Geek Chic: The Scope Watch

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TokyoFlash brings you The Scope, an LCD display watch that achieves new levels of geeky-cool, but how difficult does time-telling have to be before it gets to be just goofy?

Press the scan control for the time of day, where The Scope springs into action, moving its x and y axis until it's honed in on the appropriate coordinates. The time is represented by the x-axis for hours and the y-axis for minutes.

Okay, that gets us to within five minutes of the time of day. Next, the bull's eye of four red LEDs on the right bring the watch's accuracy down to the minute level for each lit LED. Press the control again and it shows you the day/date. Available in gunmetal or silver, it's guaranteed for a year and sells for $131.


Scope by Scope [Tokyoflash, via boingboing]