Geiger Counter PC Casemod Looks Good In Places That Can Kill You

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This Russian Geiger Counter casemod (technically an Ion Detector) won't let you know if you're standing waist deep in nuclear radiation, but flick the power switch and the meter jumps to life, letting you know the relatively weak CPU housed inside is working properly. As for the specs inside the box, there's a 300 MHz CPU, 256MB of RAM and a 4GB Compact Flash card for storage. That's more Pong than Half-Life, but it still looks sharp. Just be sure not to mistake it for your real Geiger counter when you're packing for that vacation trip to Chernobyl. [ via Technabob]



Probably too late for anyone to see this, but I'm the guy that actually built it. The russian site "borrowed" the pics from my site.

It was built to be a terminal server client and as such doesn't need a lot of CPU, memory, or drive space. It did need to be quiet and not use much power. Right now the only thing that makes noise is the needle when there's drive access and it uses less than 10 watts during normal useage.

And yes, it's not a geiger counter, something I've been very clear about since I started modding these cases. This is actually the third PC I've done in one of these cases, and probably not the last. I've also done over a dozen USB/firewire hard drive cases.

Worklog, more pictures, and a video here, []