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gen:LOCK's Season 2 Trailer Puts the Team Through an Emotional Stress Test

The second season of the Rooster Teeth-turned-HBO Max series looks like a deep dive into Julian Chase's mind.

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
gen: LOCK main character Julian Chase standing in what may be a digital construct.
Julian Chase looking up at something in wonder.
Screenshot: HBO Max

In gen:LOCK’s upcoming sophomore season, the dystopian mech series is making the jump from Rooster Teeth to HBO Max as it continues the story of Julian Chase (Michael B. Jordan) and his fellow Holon pilots, the elite squad recruited into the gen:LOCK program.

Throughout gen:LOCK’s first season, the series emphasized how Chase and the other pilots were unique in their ability to successfully interface with the technology necessary to operate their respective Holons—humanoid mechs designed by the Polity to wage war against the autocratic Union. But in a new trailer for the second season, one of the biggest questions on Chase’s mind is who or what exactly is piloting the new Holons being brought into the war to replace the gen:LOCK team. In gen:LOCK’s first season, it took a significant amount of time for Chase, Cammie MacCloud (Maisie Williams), Kazu Iida (Kōichi Yamadera), Yaz Madrani (Golshifteh Farahani), and Val/entina Romanyszyn (Asia Kate Dillon) to all become comfortable enough to see each another as allies. Skilled as they were as pilots individually, it was their ability to work together as a team both in the traditional sense and through Holon mindsharing that turned them into the Polity’s key weapon against the union.

Strong as that bond may still be between gen:LOCK’s heroes, the new trailer feels like it’s alluding to it being in danger due to the surprising twist about Chase that was revealed in the show’s first season. Distinct among the other pilots as Chase has been from the beginning, in learning that he might not exactly be the “original” Julian Chase, it opened up the possibility that he might just be one of many weaponized clones meant for battle.Throughout the trailer, you see plenty of Chase going through some sort of existential agony that forces his now-totally digital form to glitch out, and it’s interesting to wonder just what it is that’s making him react so strangely.


gen:LOCK’s second season hits HBO Max on November 4.

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