Genius machine sorts Skittles and M&M's by color so you don't have to

Here's a question I'm not sure I want to know the answer for: if Skittles and M&M's came in individual packets for each flavor, would I combine them and eat them like how I do now (in a pile shoved into my mouth) or would I keep the flavors separate and enjoy them on their own? They might be better on their own.

And a lot of people do single out flavors of Skittles and M&M's that they like best. Some people even go so far to pick at them so all that's left is yellow Skittles or brown M&M's. Celebrities and can ask for such ridiculous sorting of candy in their concert riders. Rich people can pay people to do that. But what if normal people had access to a wonderful machine that would do all that sorting for you?


This machine from ivcvideo sorts all the deliciousness of each flavor in individual cups. I could watch this hypnotizing machine forever. And eat all the candy that gets sorted forever too.

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