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Geology Bake-off

First, it was the planetary cakes. Then, it was the Star Wars astronomy tea. Then, it was the 3D weather system construction, and the Silurian Death fossilized cupcakes. Now, it's a full-blown geology bake-off.

Geological Society of London is hosting a geology bake-off contest, with entries accepted until May 9th. They're offering point-breakdowns for different concepts, but the inspirational & past-cake photos showing up on Twitter are already spellbinding. Here's a small sample from the hashtag:

Ammonite, @eleanor_louise_

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Ammonites are extinct marine invertebrates with beautifully curling shells. More importantly, they have very distinctive sutures patterns — the shape of the gas bladders that let them control their height in the water column — that make them wonderful index fossils. If you find an ammonite, just by looking at the shape of those sutures, you can narrow down the time period that entire set of rocks was originally deposited. Scientifically beautiful!

Borehole Contamination Monitoring, @Leannes_space

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Last time I went contamination monitoring, it was to work on a site that local lore said was so polluted that if you spent a day on it, you'd be dead by evening. Local lore was gravely overstated, and I am still among the living. It is among the least glamorous geoscience field tasks, but is absolutely vital for planning and evaluating the effectiveness of mitigation projects after a spill. I cannot imagine anyone who has not been on a monitoring job ever requesting (or baking) a cake like this, so I'm feeling some serious remote-kindred-spiritness with the cake-creator. Plus, the little hydrologist staring at their monitoring equipment is just so dang cute!

Erupting Volcano Cake, @leannecooneyy

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Chocolate volcano cakes with gooey, molten centers are a fixture of a certain variety of restaurants, and a popular choice in the stream, but I'm loving this colourful take on the theme. I also appreciate the snarky sign declaring that geology isn't a real science, poking fun at the qualitative nature and laid-back culture of the field. probably helps that I'm a geophysicist, practitioner of the most math-intense aspect of geoscience, although we're frequently accused of being black-magic voodoo priests instead of scientists. (I also love the level of detail in this volcano-cake, with gooey lavas, lava bombs, and incorporating a bit of fire.)

Finally, have you seen the time spiral of extinct creatures? It's a whole video slideshow of cake-construction for this a multi-baker epic masterpiece honouring the continual cycle of evolution and extinction of creatures on our planet.


I don't know what's causing this explosion of sciencey deliciousness, but I am loving it. Have your own creation to share, or links to someone else's baking project? Gimme photos, I'm greedy!

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