Gerber Inferno Flexi-Light Offers Seven Tendrils, Five Modes

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Did somebody take a Power Squid and turn it into a seven-headed hydra of a flashlight? Yep, kinda. It's the Gerber Inferno Flexi-Light, with seven articulated legs springing out of its casing, each leg with a versatile LED in the end with five lighting modes. You can have a focused white flashlight, a more diffused white light, a diffused nightvision red light, a more-focused red nightvision light or a flashing red emergency beacon.

Point its tendrils wherever you want, and light up seven different areas at the same time. Heck, you could be your own lighting designer on a miniature set, placing backlights, fills, and three-point lighting with a few lights to spare. Crazy go nuts. The company says the odd-looking thing will run over 40 hours on three AAA batteries, or its emergency beacon will flash for 200 hours. It's $39.95.


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