German Google Fanboys Hurl Eggs at Homes that Opted Out of Street View

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How much do you love Street View? How much do you hate privacy? Enough to get riled up and smash some eggs against the homes of those who asked for their houses to be blurred? Book a flight to Deutschland!

Deutsche Welle claims egg-armed vandals are terrorizing privacy-minded homeowners who requested that their property be blurred out of Street View. So, of course, the logical response to this inability to stare at these mundane scenes is to track them down in real life and chuck eggs against them. German police haven't tracked down the culprits yet, but Google has already said it "distances itself completely" from the attacks. Which is hilarious in itself. We applaud them for refusing to condone these cowardly acts of egg terror.


Even lamer than attacking blurry houses with the mentality of a 7th grader? Taping notes saying "Google's cool" to their mailboxes. Which isn't even immature so much as just sad and weird. Stay strong, blurry Germans—we hope your love of personal privacy isn't worn down by the poultry marauders. [Deutsche Welle via Search Engine Land via Business Insider]

Photo by dfinnecy