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Get a Hundred Android Apps For a Shiny Dime Each

Illustration for article titled Get a Hundred Android Apps For a Shiny Dime Each

Quick, go scrounging through your change drawer. Did you find a few dimes? Good, because that's all you'll need to buy some of the Android Market's best apps this week and beyond. Now I just have to figure out how to shove a dime into my computer.


As part of Google's promo to celebrate 10 billion downloads, the Android has 10 apps on sale 10 cents each for the next ten days. Time to drop some dimes.

And these aren't back catalog curious either; today's selection includes:

Minecraft - Pocket Edition
Fieldrunners HD
Asphalt 6

Twelve days of Christmas? Please. I'll take 10 days of apps. [Android Market]

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Just spent top dollar on Minecraft, the Sports app, the coloring app and the mini war game lol