Get Comfortable For This Mesmerizing Skyscraper Light Show

It takes a lot of effort to map the entire side of a structure as large and complex as Manhattan's IAC building. Turns out, though, it's entirely worth it. At least when the end result is as beautiful as this.


Evan Grant's Seeper collective is responsible for the project, which was shown off kick off last week's Vimeo Festival + Awards afterparty. And this video was, fortunately, shot with a Canon 7D by Dan Ilic. Might as well go pop some popcorn and fluff up that cushion. [Seeper, thanks Adam!]

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Sadly, that was a very boring light show. The bouncing eyes were the most imaginative imagery of the whole, and not by a lot. The music really didn't help the show at all. It should have been more energetic with highly artistic CGI using the structure in wilder ways. This show had too much dead time between transitions. I've seen some videos on YouTube that blow this one away by miles, both artistically and musically.