Get Down and Dirty with Vegas' Newest Theme Park

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Whether rolling like a modern-day Caligula in Caesar's Palace or wearing a saddle at the Mustang Ranch, Las Vegas has your fantasy for sale. And if heavy machinery gets you hot, Vegas' newest attraction has you covered.


Dig This provides the opportunity drive one of five heavy duty earth-movers, including a pair of Caterpillar D5 track-type bulldozers and three Caterpillar 315CL hydraulic excavators. For $400, anyone over the age of 14 can rent these beasts for a three-hour trench-digging, dirt-piling joyride around the Dig This lot (after a thorough 30 minute safety briefing of course). [Dig This via BoingBoing]


Green Jello

As a Nevada resident I feel compelled to point out that the Mustang Ranch was no where near Las Vegas. It was just outside Reno which is nearly 500 miles away.