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You've read millions of good books, so what do you recommend when people ask you, "Uhh, what should I put in my brain next?" A new website, Just One Book, hosts a collection of such recommendations from interesting people.


Founded by Gizmodo alums Joel Johnson and John Mahoney Just One Book contains a dozen selections, mostly from fellow writers. Being a writer isn't a prerequisite for the platform, you've just got to be able to make a convincing argument for why a particular book is so essential that you recommend it above all others. According to Uncle Joel, the duo plans to expand the project to cover movies and music down the line.

I love this idea because the web is polluted with so many recommendations of books and music that the selections are no longer useful. By forcing people to choose a single title, and by judiciously pruning the contributions before they land on the page, you eliminate some of the problems with overload. It's hard to say just how far this idea will balloon before it too becomes another crowded reviews site, but for now, we're happy to see just a few choice picks from people we respect. [Just One Book]

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This reminds me of the NPR series: You Must Read This. Its how I heard about Independent People, which turned out the be one of the best, most challenging books I've ever read.

I wonder what I would recommend if I just had to pick just one book.... Probably 100 Years of Solitude, pref the original Spanish version.