Get Medieval on Intruders With This Retractable Fencing

There are lots of ways to prevent people from trespassing on your property, including moats, drawbridges, and roaming packs of dogs. But if those tried and true medieval approaches clash with your design aesthetics, you can instead surround your home with a new approach to fencing that secretly retracts and disappears right into the ground.


Created by a company called Fancy Fence, the system can be installed in less than 24 hours, and creates a less obtrusive way to block a driveway or walkway than a swinging gate. It can retract or raise in less than five seconds, and includes security features preventing it from raising while something is positioned over the fence. If you were hoping to trap a car with it, this isn’t the security solution you’re looking for.


The fencing doesn’t have to look like industrial metal bars, either. It can be installed with wood slats, if you prefer the look of a more traditional fence surrounding your property, which also results in a bit more privacy. And while automated motion is dependent on electricity, the fence can be raised and lowered manually, so there’s no risk of you being trapped on either side of it in the event of a power outage.

[Fancy Fence via Arch Daily]

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Very Little Gravitas Indeed

Looks nice. So what happens when your new-driver kid or drunk ex gives the bars a little love tap? Seems to me you’d likely wind up jamming the works - unless the bars were breakaway, but then what’s the point at all?

It’s security theater, and that’s fine because lots of security arrangements are just for the perception of safety (make you feel better, discourage someone up to no good), but the fact that they’re potentially so fragile to vehicular impact.. Seems like the ultimate “Buy this because it looks cool” waste.