Get Schooled: Class Starts Tomorrow!

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Are you ready to learn about electronics? You'd better be: Gizmodo University's interactive video course, Discover Electronics 101, begins tomorrow, Saturday October 23rd at Noon Eastern! Have your thinking hats on and your Discover Electronics kits ready!

We are very excited to be able to offer you Discover Electronics 101 via the good folks over at Sparkle Labs. Here's what you'll need and what you'll need to know to successfully traverse the rigors of internet-based electronics study.

This is a four-part class. It will be held Saturdays, October 23rd to November 13th, at 12 noon Eastern (9am Pacific). Classes run for approximately 30 minutes apiece and, although the videos will remain up throughout the course, your Sparkle Labs TA's will only be available to answer questions for two hours after the lesson airs. Make sure to get to class on time!


This class is offered at no charge to our students. Please note that course credits, if we offered them, would be non-transferable. No, you don't get a diploma either. You do, however, get a sick student discount on the Discovery Electronics kit-20-percent off. But that deal ends Saturday, so pick yours up now.

Your course syllabus is as follows:
Class 1 (10/23): Powering your breadboard, creating your first circuit. Understanding electrons and electrical pressure
Class 2 (10/30): Switches, buttons, boobytraps (unrelated to nipple clips, quite safe). Series and parallel, voltage divider
Class 3 (11/06): Sensors and transistors
Class 4 (11/13): Advanced circuit: Light sensitive Atari Punk Console