Get the Swype Keyboard For Your Android Phone Now

Swype has been my favorite way to type on an Android phone, but it's been kinda limited in what phones can run the keyboard software. Until now! All you have to do is register at Swype and download.


There's also a FAQ to get your started on installing Swype on your phone. It should work on most Android devices. If you've been a beta user, you may want to check here to see what's changed for you. Go forth and type fast. [Swype]


Organized Chaos

I can do without Swype on my iPhone since I'm not fast anyway. But I was really looking forward to BlindType...until Google bought it. Guess they wanted to corner the market on typing aids. I doubt it would have hurt them if iPhones used it. If they're going to concentrate on Swype, why bother with BlindType? To take it just so no one else can have it is silly.