Giant Working Instagram Camera Is This Year's Costume To Beat

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Last year a working Nikon DSLR costume wowed us, but with the continued rise of smartphone photography, who wants to wear a clunky dedicated camera this Halloween? Not Eric Micotto, who totally one-ups last year's effort with a working Instagram camera getup.


The heart of the costume is a Nikon D800 with an Eye-Fi SD card inside transferring photos to an iPad serving as the display on the back. But since the D800 isn't fully compatible with the Eye-Fi's direct transfer mode, a portable wireless router was also added to the mix to facilitiate the exchange. Oddly enough it doesn't seem as if the costume uploads photos to an Instagram account, which leaves the door wide open for someone to come along and one-up this one too.

Illustration for article titled Giant Working Instagram Camera Is This Years Costume To Beat

[Eric Micotto via PetaPixel]

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You know, those people who complain that people only take shitty photos of their meals w/ vintage filters on Instagram are the same kind of people who complain that Twitter is nothing but a bunch of lame-o's tweeting where they are and what they're eating and how all of it is so dumb.

Basically, it's those people (1) who can only imagine themselves capable of doing only those things themselves, and/or (2) who don't know that their Instagram (Twitter, etc.) feed/timeline is 100% left up to them to construct, i.e., if you have a lame-ass feed/timeline with only lame-ass Instagram photos (Tweets, etc.) coming it, then it's 100% your fault for following only lame-ass people.

There are plenty of great photographers using Instagram as just one tool to express themselves, and if you stick to following those people, you'll enjoy it, and perhaps learn a thing or two about the photographic process.

I'm by no means the best or even one of the better ones, but here's my Instagram shite:

Everything I upload on Instagram is taken with my iPhone. 'Nuff said.

Oh yeah, cool outfit.

Personally, I would've used one of the newer Canons which you can control from the iPad so that you could get other people to "point, shoot & upload" stuff directly to Instagram :-)