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Working DSLR Costume Will Easily Win Every Contest This Weekend

Illustration for article titled Working DSLR Costume Will Easily Win Every Contest This Weekend

It's about that time of year when the most talented among us are finishing up their Halloween costumes and showing off photos of their creations online. Tyler Card's Nikon DSLR costume is particularly amazing, and meta, since he can actually use it to take photos of itself.


The camera's body, which is modeled after a Nikon D3, is mostly made of cardboard held together with tape, with a painted scavenged plastic bucket serving as the lens. But Tyler went above and beyond the call of duty this year. Inside the lens sits his actual Nikon DSLR, which is triggered by the costume's shutter button. The large flash over his head contains a working wireless strobe, lighting up a room with every shot, while the LCD display from an old Dell laptop is mounted to the back of the camera, providing instant image previews of every photo he takes. I'm not sure where you stick the giant SD card, but the built-in tripod sure is handy. [Tyler Card via PopPhoto]


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I don't think it can take pictures of itself. The camera's inside, like Intel. Or like your stomach. It's like saying your stomach can digest your face, and...OH, GOD, THE HORRIFYING IMAGES!