Do you often find yourself searching desperately through bookmarks folders, trying to find that perfect GIF you saved that one time? Do you keep a spreadsheet of links that takes you ten minutes to track down? Then you'll love GIFME, a new Chrome Extension that makes everything easier.

GIFME is a dead simple way to save and access your favorite animated GIFs. (It's also the best way in my humble opinion.) Once you install the extension, you'll see a new option whenever you right-click on the image: GIFME THIS. Selecting that option sends the GIF to the extension, where it's saved and searchable for future enjoyment.

You just have to click the GIFME extension in the upper righthand corner of your browser to see your full gif library. Hovering over any of the image gives you the option to copy the link or view the GIF's metadata. There, you can add tags, see the image URL or delete the gif from your library. It took my less than five minutes to start building a searchable library of funny GIFs, and now, I can't stop saving new ones.


The only drawback to all of this convenience is that you're probably going to end up wasting a lot more time hunting around the dark corners of the internet for funny GIFs. Like I said, it only took me five minutes to get my library started. I spent about an hour adding to it after that. But hey, there are more destructive online habits to have. [Digital Trends]