A Gift Guide for the Transit-Obsessed

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This one's for the people who give you more reliable subway directions than HopStop, who can describe to you, in detail, the metro map in any given city, and who want to ride the bus "just because." These transportation-themed gifts will fare well for any and all overzealous public transit enthusiasts in your life. Just don't get them started on that new light rail line to the airport.


A few suggestions are below; if you've got any you'd like to add, just follow this format in the comments:

  • Name and price of the product (please link this to a product page when applicable, so people can easily buy it.)
  • Image or video of the product.
  • A note explaining why you think it's great.

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Alissa Walker

lineposters City Transit Maps

We've raved before about these beautiful maps strip away everything except the routes themselves, rendering a rail system into almost an abstract nervous system. Most major cities available. $24 and up

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