GigaPan Epic Captures Photographs by the Gigapixel

Illustration for article titled GigaPan Epic Captures Photographs by the Gigapixel

Remember that amazing 1,474 megapixel photo from the inauguration? Now you can take similar pictures yourself by using this $380 device and a stock point and shoot camera.


The Epic, by GigaPan (the actual folks behind the inauguration shot's technology), is a $380, AA-powered robotic system that automates large scale photography. You calibrate the system using your desired width and height thresholds, and the mechanical arm/finger automatically take the shots at perfect intervals. These many shots can then be assembled into one giant photograph, the actual stitching done by bundled software. It's a simple idea that's just inexpensive enough to be very promising.

Those interested in using larger bodied cameras (but not quite SLR size) will be able to pick up the Epic 100 for $450 soon. [GigaPan]



It's nice to see that someone has finally made a camera accessory that can get Rosie O'Donnell in a single shot.