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We all need a change once in a while, so taking a break from the usual black camera chassis, the Toshiba Gigashot V10 digital camera comes in a lovely Pearl White and includes a 4GB hard drive and a 1/2.5 CCD with 5 million pixels. So you can shoot video at 6.3 million pixels and still photos at 5 million pixels. Up to 128 minutes of video can be recorded on the hard drive and there is an SD slot as well. Also includes a cradle with A/V Out, USB 2.0, LAN and DC-IN. Battery charges under 150 minutes and lasts for 80 minutes for video recording and 120 minutes for playback. Weighs in at 260 grams. $530.

Toshiba Gigashot V10 Video Camera with 4GB HDD and LAN [Slrworld]