Gingerbread Menus Will Look Cleaner and Crisper

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Android looks set to grow up, if a hidden Gingerbread screen contained within the updated Google Maps is anything to go by. The UI looks slightly more styled, with the lines separating options gone amongst other small changes.

In the image above, Gingerbread is on the left, and Froyo is on the right. The screen was discovered by a Freenode IRC member Canadiancow, who found it in the Google Maps 4.60 update APK.


While it doesn't give much more away about Gingerbread, the buttons look crisper and some shading has been added to the menu.

We're still not too sure just when Gingerbread is expected, but considering Google has already erected their sweet friend outside their Californian HQ, my guess is that it's not going to be too long. [AndroidPolice]