What foreign languages sound like to people who don't speak them

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Scandinavians are great with languages, but Finn-Swede smoccahontas isn't speaking any foreign tongue in this video, even while it sounds like it. She's just making up most of the words and make it sound like she speaks them perfectly. Having travelled through almost all of these countries, I've to admit that she really nails it.

Me goofing around, showing what certain languages sound like to me. The
sentences in this video are made up apart from a few exceptions.

Don't take it too seriously! Im retarded :)

You aren't. That was a lot of fun, thank you!

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The video is totally convincing, and a ton of fun.

But being a parent of a daughter with special needs, I take offense to use of the word retarded in the description. Please visit r-word.org to learn more about the effort to stop the use this derogatory word for the english vernacular. I am no way affiliated with the website, but support their efforts, and hope you join me in eliminating to use of this word which hurts a segment of the population that most oftenly can not defend themselves.