Giroptic's Egg-Shaped 360cam Captures Perfect HD Video Spheres

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The little palm-sized egg above looks like a kitchen timer, but it's really a powerful video camera that records 360 degree video. It's rugged like an action camera, loaded with connectivity options, and designed to work out of the box without any proprietary kinks.

Giroptic has been in the 360 video game for years, but this is its first consumer camera, finally available for preorder after months of teasing. It's a Kickstarter, so if you invest early you can get the camera for $250, half the eventual retail price. As always, Kickstarters come with risks.

The 360cam sports three 185 degree fisheye lenses, which the camera uses to capture and stitch together a sphere of HD video in real-time. The video is recorded to MicroSD. It's also got built-in Wi-Fi, so you can remotely monitor your video, as well as a GPS radio which you can use to record the spot where you shot your wonky spherical imagery.

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The 360cam isn't just small enough to go anywhere; it's almost endlessly versatile and useful. It's IPX8 waterproof, and Giroptic even designed a clever mount attachment with light-bulb threads so you can hang the camera in the middle of a room—exactly where you'd want to. (The 360cam has standard tripod mount threads, in case you want to take a more traditional route.)

Giroptic claims this is the first 360 HD camera, but it's really just the first to offer such a polished self-contained package. Ricoh recently took a gamble on a 360-still camera, which was fun but also a pain to use. Giroptic's simple, feature-loaded design is much better, and we hope that Kickstarter gets some love so that we'll see it in the near future. [Kickstarter]

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i get that you like to showcase kickstarter projects to show them some love and improve their chances of getting funded. but from personal experience, kickstarter is just a fucking scam. Of the five projects I've backed, one perk has arrived, 7 months late (the machine era wallet), another is still in development (the arkyd satellite). that's it for good news. 1 has been utterly abandoned by its creator with a "fuck off you meanies" message to his backers (the multi wallet), one is almost a calendar year behind schedule (nfc ring) and the other is 6 months behind schedule (the pressy).

maybe just remind people to consider their kickstarter dollars as money down a hole. if you get something back, neat, but that's not the majority experience for me or anyone else I know who's backed anything technical on kickstarter.