Give a Poor Boy a Break

We're suckers for a good sob story. Whether its a dame who's husband has turned up missing with the deed to the family manse or a kid, Stefan, with an old 450MHz ThinkPad, we're suckers for folks in trouble.

That said, let's help this kid out. He wants to buy an iMac for $2,375 and has gotten $3 in donations so far. Because every day "billions" of people use the Internet—by his reckoning—we figure we can deluge him with dollars, make him richer than Bill Gates, and then he can buy Apple and get a free iMac. Also, he's in Texas, which is punishment enough, and he's the family breadwinner.


Stefan - Here's what you have to do for us: when you get your iMac, you have to videotape yourself trashing the old laptop. We want hard hammer on ThinkPad action, showing no mercy. We also encourage you all to invite him to do clever things for our amusement—dance a jig, pet a horse, wear a tutu—just so he can EARN his money.

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