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Giz Writer Shown Who's Boss at Muscle Park in Tokyo

Located on the 5th floor of Decks Tokyo Beach in Odaiba, Muscle Park is a really strange place. It's kind of like a theme park, but all of the things you can do are physical challenges. There's a push up contest, some pitching games, soccer ball kicking accuracy games, and things of that nature. The attraction that looked most interesting to me was this: a recreation of an endurance course from SASUKE, a Japanese "American Gladiators" style show. They didn't hold back: this thing is very hard. I clearly will never be an American Gladiator. And before you make fun of me, think about whether or not you could do this, then think about whether or not you'd post a video of you failing to do it on the Internet. Be kind.


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Awesome, i would love to give that a shot..there's no way i'd make it through though. nice job.