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Gizmodo Announces Support for Some Form of Higher Definition DVD

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Budapest, Hungary — Gizmodo, the gadgets weblog and wholly owned subsidiary of Gawker Media Inc., today announced its support for some kind of better looking, higher capacity, more expensive DVD format. The writers and editors of the weblog will purchase high definition DVDs, and the overly-priced components that will be required to play them, as soon as the industry figures out which format it plans to back.

"Gizmodo is a big proponent of new formats," said executive director of standards creation and content leveraging Tobey Grumet. "We backed machine language punch cards, Betamax and MiniDisc, and now we look forward to backing DVD in some format as well."


Gizmodo joins the likes of Microsoft, Paramount, Intel, Toshiba, Matsushita and Sony in supporting some form of next generation DVD. The weblog is a participating member in the debate over which standard to choose, and anticipates continuing anguish over having to write several dozen more entries about the issue.

"As a big fan of the color blu, I was an early supporter of Blu-Ray technology," said Gizmodo's senior vice president of logistics Vince Veneziani. "But then I heard that HD DVDs would have a 0.65 numerical aperture and I was like, whoa! Then I found out there would be more porn on Blu-Ray and I kind of went back to Blu-Ray then I found out Paramount is releasing stuff on both formats and I was all 'Hold the phone.' Then I downloaded a pirated AVI of Madagascar and chilled. Chris Rock is so funny."


About DVDs

DVDs are these disks that you get from Netflix like four times a week and you never can watch them so they pile up and you're looking at these movies and you're wondering "At what point did I want to watch 40 hours of The Office? I mean it was a good show, but what? Was I drunk? I have to stop drunk-Netflixing." High definition DVDs will have like better pictures and maybe be digital.

About is like that guy who shows off his new phone at the office and says that it can take 1.3-megapixel pictures and a bunch of other shit that you definitely don't care about until he takes your picture and emails it to you with a funny hat pasted on it and you get a little pissed when everyone starts passing it around the office and now you not only find him annoying AND you think he's a major prick.