Gizmodo Comment Executions: Fanboy Spam Edition

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Still wondering about commenting accounts? All you have to do is fill out the comment and select a username and password. Submit and our commenting overlords will approve you—if you fit the criteria of a superb commenter. Behave, or be executed like the poor fool below.

Have a nice exit, dominiward. Sure, you are an HD DVD fanboy, which is okay. But once you start spamming any HD related post with the same copy and pasted comment about how cheap HD DVD then it qualifies as fanboy spam and therefore execution. Being a fanboy is fine—hell, all of us editors are fanboys of something or other, but spamming the same garbage about how much HD DVD rulzzz or Blu-Ray suxxx is not acceptable.


P.S. Lay off the exclamation points, dude. Image via destructoid

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