Gizmodo Commenter Executions: GTFO

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Still wondering about commenting accounts? All you have to do is fill out the comment and select a username and password. Submit and our commenting overlords will approve you—if you fit the criteria of a superb commenter. Behave, or be executed like the poor fool below.

See you later, murray_the_dog. Your comments regularly criticized us for posting things you seemed to think weren't cool. Well you sir, is the one that isn't cool. So un-cool that you shall be excommunicated from the Church of Gizmodo.


You also commented multiple times about how much you miss Joel. We all love Joel around these parts (hell I spent a week in Vegas with him one night), but there is no need to criticize us by saying how much you miss him. If you really miss Joel, go check out his sexy ass at Dethroner. Now be gone, you vermin!

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