Gizmodo Germany: CeBIT Bound

I'm about to hop a jet for Hanover, so in the meantime our new Associate Editor Chris Lamb will be taking the helm, with a little help from Chris 'cc:intern' Cardinal. If he bones something, his email is Feel free to make him hate you all as much as I do.

Siemens offered to pay for my flight and hotel at CeBit, which I thought was pretty nice of them, especially since I wouldn't have been able to go otherwise. They seem pretty progressive about the whole thing, really, saying they had considered setting up their own press outlet during the show, but thought it would be easier just to show Gizmodo what they were launching and get it out there. I accepted their offer, of course, so I thought it was important to let you guys know the details. We've got no agreement to treat them with kid gloves, so I'll be as objectively off-the-cuff and misguided as usual.


I'm psyched, and I'm sure we'll have tons of great stuff to show you. If you're going to be on the ground in Hanover and would like to hook up, shoot me an email at editor@.

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